How to create digital experiences that people would love?

We created a unique brand style and apply that in over 25 screens
Business needs: a customer (Banuba - Hong Kong start-up that develops technologies for augmented reality-enabled mobile applications) needed an eye-catching sleek design of their new website that would highlight services, be functional and engaging with embedded online tools. The job was to create a unique brand style using colors, icons, buttons, typography, animation, Face AR SDK, and apply that in over 25 screens.
Studying business needs and the customer documentation
Creating prototypes of pages layout
Home page design and development
Creating Solutions page with build-in site with face recognition functional
Designing and developing Banuba Technology information page with easy to read layout
Design of a Face AR SDK in emotions provoking style
Creation of a WEB AR functional page engagement tool used at site with intuitive UI
Designing and creating 25 other pages with unique layout and using scent of the bran
The challenge: as it was said by the Chief of UX design team -_____ the main challenge for us was to work out in a tight span of time how to fit technology tools into website without compromising user experience and interface. I think we managed pretty well. We totally redesigned the structure of the site, applied latest techniques in design so to make the website both visually appealing and functional at the same time.
Working on this project was a big win for us. Banuba is a great technological start-up. They work in B2B market, so we had to dig deep into the needs of their customers. What motives are they being driven, what needs they have. We completed number of massive research and tests before we provided a prototype of UX design to the customer. When we completed the research we had marketing data enough to back up our proposal with and prove positive ROI on our services. The delivery and project management is something we really focused on, as you know creative people sometimes got lost in ideas, so we apply agile approach to stay on track. We not just UX design agency, and we able to provide what needed to do a great job and make our customer succeed. We aim to create a digital experiences that people would love and thus help businesses reach the next level.

— Ilya Hets, the founder of 69pixels
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