Now not only is it the biggest payment system in Uzbekistan, but also a market leader, which managed to simplify the payment process of millions of customers. Don't mess up with these guys ;)
What was the task about?
As we are responsible, coherent and simply digital gangsters, we decided to follow step-by-step approach
Step 1
Analytics and primary research
Step 2
Step 3
Visual design
Step 1. Analytics and primary research
So as to get the overall picture about Paynet, form the hypothesis and set the direction for further actions, we carried out the primary research: we analyzed the competitors, highlighted general functions and patterns, came up with typical apps' problems and issues. As a result, we were armed to the teeth.
Market and competitors analysis
The key to success is to think user-like, isn't it? So, we took passports and caught Minsk - Uzbekistan flight. We're not playing around, you know?

Here not only did we plunged into terrific hospitality atmosphere and that very pilaf, but also conducted a series of interviews with both app and payment system users. By doing this we got the information we needed: hypothesis validity of ours, useful insights and data necessary for interface designing. This trip was totally worth it.
Based on true users